Michael Surtees about the concept, idea and execution of a website for different devices and gadgets, starting with a tablet pc to a mobile device to a standard computer (screen). Interesting how the way of screen design and usability is changing with the boost of touch screen devices. – Designing for the Browser of Today

Having spent most of 2010 designing with the interactions of an iPad in mind, I chose to design Gesture Theory’s site with the iPad browser in mind first, desktop browser second and change the context of the site’s use for a mobile browser. Thinking about the iPad first meant killing hover states, killing scrolling (just a personal preference), emphasizing swiping (right to left), killing the home screen (kept it for mobile) and trying to make it lightweight as possible. Something has worked – we have less than a 3 % bounce rate. Once the design was ready for the iPad it was a pretty easy configure it to the desktop browser. Right now things work just on tap, we’re trying to get it to swipe but haven’t been happy with the jerky results so far.

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