It’s much more possible that other countries around the world who are truly indignant about the breaches of their privacy security will band together and create alternatives, either in terms of infrastructure, or legal regimes that will prevent the United States from exercising hedgemony over the Internet or make the cost of doing so far too high. I think, even more promising is the fact that large private corporations, Internet companies and others will start finally paying a price for their collaboration with this spying regime.

What the outcome of this conflict is, what the Internet ultimately becomes really is not answerable in any definitive way now. It depends so much on what it is that we, as human beings, do. One of the most pressing questions is whether people like the ones who are in this room, and the people who have the skills that you have, now and in the future, will succumb to those temptations, and go to work for the very entities that are attempting to destroy privacy around the world, or whether you will put your talents, skills and resources, to defending human beings from those invasions, and continuing to create effective technologies to protect our privacy. I am very optimistic, because that power does lie in your hands.

Glenn Greenwald – Excerpt from the keynote of 30th Chaos Communication Congress

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  1. Things like the “agile manifesto” as well as the “manifesto for software craftmanship” are quite popular these days. From my own experience, the “hacker ethics” ( seems not as well-known amongst most of the programmers and engineers. This really should change…

  2. Couldn’t agree more. The word “agile” has reached the end of its hype-cycle and is too often used as an excuse to do something without following a greater vision.

    I really like the hacker ethics. They remind me of another nice tearm I recently stumbled across: technological disobedience. Opening things up. Manipulating things. Turning things upside down. I think these are very important subjects that we should teach our kids.

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