Leaving tumblr…

Today I’m leaving tumblr. It’s been a hard decision but I think its time to move on. I still believe tumblr is an amazing and inspiring platform but there are three main reasons for saying goodbye.

  1. It has become increasingly hard to export my data from tumblr. The awesome Mac Backup tool faded away silently and there is no equivalent feature on the site itself. This might seem like a valuable business decision for the tumblr team to keep their users inside their ecosystem. But not being able to create a backup of my content just doesn’t feel right. I’d like to own content and it’s my hope that in the future more and more webservices will respect that need. For now I’d like to follow the POSSE principle (Publish on my Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere). We’ll see how this will work out.
  2. Overwhelmed by social network noise I would like to focus on creating instead of consuming. Maybe focus a bit more on writing instead of following. I still plan to use Twitter (and maybe tumblr) as source of inspiration. Again we’ll see how this will work out.
  3. WordPress 3.8 has been released. The admin UI and the new standard theme look awesome. Although theming and fumbling with PHP still feels bulky I love its open source ethos, its community and its makers. So I guess I’d like to play around with it.

So thank you tumblr, you’ve been a great companion since my first post in 2008. But it’s time for a change. Stay foolish. Never settle.

2 thoughts on “Leaving tumblr…”

  1. I really like the approach that the app.net team is taking. Pay for the service so there’s no advertising involved and you therefore own your content. Didn’t switch from Twitter yet as everybody worth following seems to be on Twitter. But maybe I should give it a try… Thanks for the tip.

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