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No tool will save you from that. None. Everything will be out of control as soon as it’s scaled to more than a prototype, because control isn’t even 10% about the tools, but awareness about the impact of hundreds of small decisions, which requires real knowledge about the subject domain. It’s about forging and sharpening that awareness through a mentality that embraces constant refactoring, while always trying to make the better decisions right now.

Julio Ody – http://julio-ody.tumblr.com/post/82957538258/we-have-an-education-problem

Having periods like that when designers can have the freedom to explore and dream up kind-of-out-there solutions is essential for good design ideas to flourish. If you are always executing on a week-by-week roadmap and running the product development process like a bootcamp, it’s likely you will get some optimization wins, but full-blown new concepts are not usually born from those environments. There needs to be time for both an execute-and-optimize strategy in design, as well as room and space for more creative, bigger-picture solutions.

True Innovation @ Bell Labs

True Innovation @ Bell Labs


Malte just launched this utterly well-composed and perfectly reduced webdesign, which happens to be his own professional site. I am excited how this will look once it’s grown up to a full blown showcase.

Also: I’m a bit jealous. Not only does his name have an Umlaut, it also serves so well for a personal logo. I mean, look at that logo!

Great work. Hope there is more to come.