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It’s much more possible that other countries around the world who are truly indignant about the breaches of their privacy security will band together and create alternatives, either in terms of infrastructure, or legal regimes that will prevent the United States from exercising hedgemony over the Internet or make the cost of doing so far too high. I think, even more promising is the fact that large private corporations, Internet companies and others will start finally paying a price for their collaboration with this spying regime.

What the outcome of this conflict is, what the Internet ultimately becomes really is not answerable in any definitive way now. It depends so much on what it is that we, as human beings, do. One of the most pressing questions is whether people like the ones who are in this room, and the people who have the skills that you have, now and in the future, will succumb to those temptations, and go to work for the very entities that are attempting to destroy privacy around the world, or whether you will put your talents, skills and resources, to defending human beings from those invasions, and continuing to create effective technologies to protect our privacy. I am very optimistic, because that power does lie in your hands.

Glenn Greenwald – Excerpt from the keynote of 30th Chaos Communication Congress

The rapid adoption of WebRTC provides a dramatic opportunity for a turning point: here is the first communication API to be added to web browsers—and, even better, it’s peer-to-peer (once you have signaling in place). And undoubtedly, the concerns the XMPP community has focused on for years have become suddenly and powerfully relevant to the web. An imperfect, but battle-hardened and well-distributed standard is exactly what we need to avoid the poison of 15 people reinventing the wheel.

Plug Versus Pump — The Tesla Collection by Steven Berlin Johnson

Plug Versus Pump — The Tesla Collection by Steven Berlin Johnson

What Lockheed Martin was to the 20th century,” they tell us, “technology and cybersecurity companies will be to the 21st.” Without even understanding how, they have updated and seamlessly implemented George Orwell’s prophecy. If you want a vision of the future, imagine Washington-backed Google Glasses strapped onto vacant human faces — forever.

Julian Assange writing about the new book by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen on nytimes.com


“I want you, all of the gatekeepers, to become fans. I want you to become true enthusiasts like me. I want you to become thrill-seekers.

And if in the opportunities you give me, you try to cram all this wildness and risk-taking back in to the crappy mimeographic worksheet form of middle school, we’re just going to walk away. We’re not going to work together. No harm no foul. We can just walk away.

You know why we can do that now? Because of these. (Oswalt holds up an iPhone)

In my hand right now I’m holding more filmmaking technology than Orsen Welles had when he filmed Citizen Kane.

I’m holding almost the same amount of cinematography, post-editing, sound editing, and broadcast capabilities as you have at your tv network.

In a couple of years it’s going to be fucking equal. I see what’s fucking coming. This isn’t a threat, this is an offer. We like to create. We’re the ones who love to make shit all the time. You’re the ones who like to discover it and patronize it support it and nurture it and broadcast it. Just get out of our way when we do it.”

- Excerpt from Patton Oswalt’s Keynote @ Montreal’s Just For Laughs 2012 (via thecomicscomic.com)

Laura Carstensen: Older people are happier.

“When we recognize that we don’t have all the time in the world, we see our priorities most clearly.”

“My father, who is 92, likes to say, ‘Let’s stop talking only about how to save the old folks and start talking about how to get them to save us all.’ ”

The copyright wars are just the beta version of a long coming war on computation. The entertainment industry is just the first belligerents to take up arms, and we tend to think of them as particularly successful. After all, here is SOPA, trembling on the verge of passage, ready to break the Internet on a fundamental level— all in the name of preserving Top 40 music, reality TV shows, and Ashton Kutcher movies.

Our vision is to create a commercially sustainable, social enterprise that achieves its growth and profitability targets whilst operating within values based on community development and cohesion. Our intent is to offer an alternative food buying network, by connecting an urban community with the local farming community.

thepeoplessupermarket.org – No that’s what I call a mision statement for a supermarket.

Let’s be clear on the cause of these problems. It’s not really about wealthy people or executives. Our problems are not caused by evil masterminds who want to hurt us. Big companies are full of good people. People like us. Businesspeople just work hard to achieve whatever goals are defined by the system. Many CEOs may want to do good, but they can only do what the system allows. Blaming people distracts us from the big picture. Focus on the system. I believe our economic system is afflicted by a design flaw, and I believe we can fix it. … Collectively, we have a ridiculously large amount of money. If we organize our spending as a group, then our money becomes the biggest and most powerful carrot you could ever imagine, big enough to move even the most stubborn donkey.

Are jobs obsolete?

Are jobs obsolete?