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Michael Surtees about the concept, idea and execution of a website for different devices and gadgets, starting with a tablet pc to a mobile device to a standard computer (screen). Interesting how the way of screen design and usability is changing with the boost of touch screen devices. – Designing for the Browser of Today

Having spent most of 2010 designing with the interactions of an iPad in mind, I chose to design Gesture Theory’s site with the iPad browser in mind first, desktop browser second and change the context of the site’s use for a mobile browser. Thinking about the iPad first meant killing hover states, killing scrolling (just a personal preference), emphasizing swiping (right to left), killing the home screen (kept it for mobile) and trying to make it lightweight as possible. Something has worked – we have less than a 3 % bounce rate. Once the design was ready for the iPad it was a pretty easy configure it to the desktop browser. Right now things work just on tap, we’re trying to get it to swipe but haven’t been happy with the jerky results so far.

Sure there is much to the revolution unfolding in Egypt, but that’s not the revolution I’m highlighting here. In the video you’ll notice the events of the day are not getting captured by film crews and news reporters. They’re being documented by people with their mobile phones. Take another look at the video and count the number of illuminated mobile phone screens you see being raised overhead to capture pictures and video as the scenes in the streets unfolds.

From isolated single user experiences to a global social fabric. These mobile devices are the of Gutenberg presses of our generation. This is not a bubble, this is a revolution.


Nokia Kinetic concept revealed in prototype form

Impressed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins’ Nokia Kinetic concept the other day? Then take a good look at the image above. That’s the actual prototype of the device, which unfortunately doesn’t power on (or have anything to power on), but does look remarkably like the previous renders we’ve seen, and gives us a far better idea of the scale of the device. In case you missed it, the real hook of the concept is an electromagnet in the phone’s base that allows it to stand up on cue, and be flipped down to dismiss an action (like an alarm or a video call). We also now know that Innes-Hopkins worked on the project at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London under the tutelage of former Nokia Senior Designer Silas Grant, who was responsible for many of Nokia’s premium phones like the 8800 Scirocco. Hit up the gallery below for a closer look.

Update: Just to be clear. This is not an actual Nokia concept, but a project done by Innes-Hopkins for his final year at university — so don’t get your hopes up about it ever going into production. (via engadget)

I hope this gets into production

Me, too.


Else Mobile (The Time Has Come)

Created for Else Mobile Phones as half viral campaign, half official website content and commissioned by The Visionaire Group in LA. ‘The Time Has Come’ acts as an intro for the new mobile device. The entire campaign was shot on location in downtown LA and California.

— (via Vimeo)

“Humans and data become closer. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier. Instead our live grow more complicated…”

“The Else UI can be operated by one hand in the one for the terminal of the overall touch panel. For instance, it can be operated to hold a strap. The one that manner of operation traces concentric circle menu displayed as shown in pie chart.” (via wirelesswatch.jp)


After five years with the same mobile phone, I am finally looking for a new one. Because the iPhone charges are insane, I just want to buy a phone without a new contract. So in my current shortlist are LG KU990, Sony Ericsson G705 and Nokia N78. But I can’t decide. All those different test reports are just confusing me. Anyone has expierence with one of those three?

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Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t recommend the LG. I thought it could compete with the iPhone but the touchscreen is rather bad and the software too. The “Cancel”-button broke after a few months. So in my opinion it’s really more a bad clone than a rock solid product.

I’m thinking about switching to the Google G1 when it’s available but it looks like shit. :-)