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Teamarbeit hat durchaus ihre Berechtigung. Aber sie ist nicht unbedingt der Schlüssel zu mehr Kreatitvität… Um kreativ zu sein, braucht man Zeit, um zu denken. Und zwar ganz für sich.

Edward de Bono (via Brand Eins Heft Nr. 11 2009)

Interruption is a dangerous idea. The idea that most offices are set up for interruption… So primarily we’re text based. We think that helps everyone focus on really what they wanna say. Cause when you’re on the phone or so you just keep talkin and talkin. But typing is hard. Typing takes time. It encourages people to be brief.

Jason Fried – 10 things we’ve learned at 37signals (via Oreilly Media Interview)

Learn to be in the moment, focusing on one task at a time, and immersing yourself completely in that task. If you aren’t passionate about a certain task, allow yourself to move on to something you’re more passionate about. The more passionate you are about a task or a project, thr more energy you’ll put into it, and the better you’ll do with it.

Leo Babauta (The power of Less)